Best Forex Trading Strategies for Complete Beginners


Successful people never succeeded without taking risks. It applies to every aspect of events in life. Risk-taking is the first footstep of every successful story but in the financial market, calculated risk is the key.

For the beginners, the Forex market may look like a complete maze. Dizzying about where to play the first shot, when to hit, when to let go and what will be the game plan. Here’s a comprehensive guideline is laid out for the complete beginners so that they can climb the rope steadily. Be cleared that, “Life is 10% what happens and 90% of how you react to it.” Theodore Roosevelt (26th U.S. President)

So, guidance is not the only key to success, how you follow it & use it in the future that’s all matters.

Before you start jumping in you should familiarize yourself with the market and basic fundamental terminology of the forex market. To get started easier, first you need to study these online to get an idea, however, you should discuss with expert traders for getting vast ideas.

Then when you are finally familiar with the basics, you need to practice before jumping into the battleground. Try with a demo account, feel the process, know your empty spaces where you need more things to stuff.

Now you know how it tastes like with a little sip. Let’s see what is the real recipe-

Know your surroundings

The most obvious thing is to teach oneself on the Forex market. If you know your enemy very well, you can win the war easily.

Study and research the currency, which currency pair is volatile from most to least. Find out what are the odds that affect them before you put your capital at risk. In a picture, it’s an investment in preparation & time so that you can jump off almost flawlessly and save yourself from collateral damage.

Stick with a plan

Nothing happens properly if it is off the proper planning. Sticking with an appropriate trading plan is an essential component of successful trading in the Forex market. Plan that explains your profit margin, profit goals, risk tolerance level, approach style & assessment condition.

Once the plan is developed, make sure each action you take should follow your every principle which are in the plan.

Always remember, you are likely most logical before you place a trade & most illogical after your trade is placed.


Now you have the game plan, it’s time to test it out. Before stepping into the real market, consider a start-up with a risk-free demo practice account. You will see what it’s like to trading different currency pairs while putting your trading plan for a test practice without putting any risk on your capital.

Forecast the condition of the Market

Traditionally fundamental traders like to trade based on news & other financial, political information. On the other hand, technical traders most likely to use analytical analysis tools.

Such as Fibonacci retracements & indicators to predict the market condition and movements.

The majority of the traders use a composite of the two. It doesn’t matter what manner you follow; you must use the instruments & techniques at your disposal to find a window of opportunity of trading in constantly moving markets.

Know your boundaries

This is the general rule for your future success: always know your limitations. It should also explain how much you’re willing to take risks for every move you make, keeping your leverage to capital ratio in proper alignment that matches your need & never risking more than you can afford to lose your asset. Always remember, “Always risk what you can afford to lose”

Know when to stop & let go

Nobody has the all-time to sit & watch the markets every moment of every day. You should manage your risk and safeguard potential profits by stop & limit orders. This will get you out of the market at the price you have set.

Trailing stops are particularly beneficial. These will trail your spot at a specific range as the market continues to moves and assisting you to safeguard profits if the market reverses. Placing conditional orders may not guarantee your risk limit for losses.

Control your emotions

An open position opportunity and the market is not favoring the way. Maybe you could make it up with a trade or more that don’t go with your trading plan. Your mind is like - Just a twosome will not hurt, right?

Remember this, “Revenge trading” hardly results well. You should not allow your emotions to control you while trading. When you have a losing side, don’t put all in to try to make it back in one shot like poker. It’s always wise to keep going with your plan & make the lost back a little by little throughout the time than to finding yourself crippling losses.


Keep It Slow and Steady

No matter how experienced you are, without consistency, you will not get big success.

Educating yourself and developing a trading plan is an obvious step but the real test is following the plan through patience & discipline.

Be an explorer

Remembering that consistency & limitation is important but never be afraid to re-estimate your trading scheme if things aren’t favoring like you planned.

As the experiences jump up, your direction of needs may change. What you do should reflect what you are and so does the plan to your goals. Go with the flow if you intend to change your plans.

Right friends make the right decisions

Starting with the right trading partner is the most reasonable choice as you engage the Forex market. Pricing execution & the quality of thinking can make a huge distinction in trading experience.

Don’t be afraid of doing something new. Remember, there is no such word like “Losing”. Either win or learn something new. Best of luck.